Being sneaky.

July 30, 2007 at 2:50 am | Posted in Akatonbo, Knit From Your Stash 2007, lace, pattern design | 1 Comment

Work has technically disallowed surfing the Internet during shifts. But it’s so dead here tonight that I think I can spare a moment to make a blog post.

Funny how I have nothing to really update, though. My knitting has been almost nonexistant over the past week. I feel disappointed with myself.

I have, however, been planning quite a few projects for when Knit From Your Stash is over. (I’ll need to buy new yarn for some of these projects, you see.) First and foremost, the Baldy Hat. I planned to make this for my father a few Christmasses ago, but if we know the relationship between my father and I, well, you’ll understand why this never really got made.

My plan for this is to have a white top to the hat, with brown below it. There’ll be ribbing, of course, and then a garter-stitch brim to fold over the ribbing, which will be also brown and say “BALDY” across it in white yarn. This is what would happen, I imagine, if bald eagles could shave words into their heads. I plan to offer this up as a free pattern once I’ve finished it.

A good friend of mine is planning her wedding for 2009, which gives me ample time to find a good pattern for a wedding shawl for her. Here theme colours are black, silver, and red, so I think something with a bit of a gothic feel to it would be rather nice.

I want to get a good start on designing the Little House lace shawl that has been languishing in the back of my brain since . . . well, since before the year began, really. I have a few lace patterns that I plan to put in it, and I really just need to get the yarn, the needles, and get started on it.

I’ve had an idea for a lace coverlet in a log cabin style, too, and I want to see if that will work out. Done in small squares to be sewn together, of course. I can’t see why it wouldn’t work, but you never know. Best to test-knit first, of course.


Not so much unwinding as unraveling, really. I found errors that I never even noticed in the Path of the Heart scarf, and so I plan to rip that back and start over. Not too big a loss, really, since I only got about 5 repeats in. My biggest regret is . . .

. . . ripping Akatonbo. I keep looking at the scarf and being very unhappy with it. It’s the right width, but the needles I used make the knitting too tight, and it makes some of the stitches a real bitch to work. So my plan is to *gulp* rip it all back, unply the yarn (it’s currently 2 strands of 2-ply together), and start again. Same size needles, and I think a few changes to the pattern would go over quite nicely.

So I’m going to be back to the zero mark on the those projects. :/ The upside is that I think they’ll move along much quicker and more smoothly, since I’m feeling the start of a big knitting kick again. I go through cycles, it seems, where I want to read and play video games, and then where I want to do nothing but knit all my spare moments.

As I’m posting from work, you’ll have to all forego pet pictures for now. I’ll post two next time, to make up for it. :D


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  1. It happens if you don’t knit for a week or more, so don’t be disappointed. There are times for me when I feel I am sick of knitting. But after 3 weeks later, I pickup my knitting, and it’s back again.

    That’s nice of you to knit your friend a shawl for their wedding.

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