FO: Red Scarf #1

August 18, 2007 at 2:33 pm | Posted in FOs, scarves | 2 Comments

Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s not the best name for a project that I’ve ever come up with. But when it’s a garter-stitch scarf, what more do you expect?

Knit from three balls of really old Paton’s Shetland-Style Chunky, 75/25 acrylic/wool, in a dark red. I got the yarn from another of those famous Value Village grab bags of yarn. Not a bad way to use up three balls of yarn that would have otherwise had no purpose in life. Charity knitting is good for all things.

Now the hard part. Finding something else to knit that I can take to work with me again. Most of my current projects are still too big to be worth taking with me, so I’ll likely start a new project. I don’t think I have any more red yarn lying around, though, for another scarf. At least, not enough to make a good-length scarf from. Ah well. I’ll dig around in my stash and find something, I’ve no doubt of that.

Not my pet

No pet pictures today. Instead, I leave you with a little squirrel that hung around outside the cabin when my roommate and I went there for a night earlier this week. We threw out some stale Goldfish crackers to see if we could lure any squirrels near us, because I’d never really seen one very close before. At least, not that I remember. Anyway, one little squirrel was happy to oblige.

Isn’t he adorable? :3



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  1. Garter st scarf is a great way to bring with you anywhere and not bother about st pattern. And sometimes we need that mindless knitting pattern to take your mind off difficult pattern.

    Cute squirrel.

  2. Hey, I like the name. It makes me think of Red Dye No. 3 or whatever that was. Mmmm, Smarties that can kill you. Sweet. I love squirrels. How could you not have seen a squirrel up close before? It’s really simple to attract them; all you’ve got to do is set up a bird feeder in the hopes that birds will come to it. They won’t. The squirrels that come to the bird feeder every day will scare them all away.

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