FO: Blue Garter-stitch scarf.

September 1, 2007 at 3:31 am | Posted in FOs, Reinyarnations, scarves, thrift | Leave a comment

Nothing particularly fascinating. This was mostly a stash-buster that works well as a charity item. Most scarves I knit but have no use for or no particular attachment to end up in the charity bag, really. I used up three balls of Paton’s Shetland Style Chunky yarn, 75/25 acrylic/wool, that was rather old and that came in a thrift store grab bag. It may have been old, but it wasn’t rough or awful to knit with. I’ve knit with scratchier, let’s just say.

Once done that, I felt rather scarfless, so I picked up the front of a to-be-unravelled sweater, took it apart, and cast on for another scarf.

A mistake rib scarf, in what I’m pretty sure is acrylic yarn, chunky weight. I found the sweater for $2 at Value Village, and while I normally don’t buy either acrylic sweaters or chunky ones, I figured that for a few bucks I might get a scarf or two out of it, so I may as well grab it. Lucky for me I did, since it was good yarn to cast on with for another relatively quick project, and I can also donate it to the Red Scarf Project.

Jakob is so tired of all this scarf-knitting that he’s curled up and gone to sleep in the bottom of the dresser again. Cute curly kitty.


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