My nemesis.

September 5, 2007 at 11:26 am | Posted in Branching Out, lace, Reinyarnations, scarves, thrift, WIPs | 3 Comments

I don’t call this pattern my nemesis because I hate it, or because i can’t do it. On the contrary. I knit one before as a birthday gift for my mother, and she was thrilled by it. (And refused to listen when I pointed out two errors that only I may have noticed.) No, I call it my nemesis because the dang thing works against me no matter what I do! Having no printer at home that I can easily use (we do have one, but it’s in the living room and hooked up to my roommate‘s laptop instead of my desktop), I tend to write out online patterns by hand, so long as they’re not horribly long and complex, so that I can knit them in places that aren’t right in front of my computer screen.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to write out Branching Out’s pattern because whatever I write it on disappears. This pattern, in a nutshell, doesn’t want me to knit it. It’s going to extremes to make sure I never finish a UFO more than a whole year old!

I’m actually ashamed that this pattern has languished in my yarn bin for so long without being finished. Worse than that, without even being touched, except in the times where I move it to one side to get to yarn that might be underneath it. But since I’ve been feeling the lacy urges again, I decided to dig it out and finally, finally, finish it!

Then I looked at the ball of yarn attached. I’m either going to have to make a very short scarf, or else dye up some more of the yarn to make it a decent length. Thank goodness I still have some of the yarn left that I used in the first place, though I can’t say it’ll be easy remembering how many packets of Kool Aid to dump in the pot to get the colours even close to matching.

Serves me right for not writing it down when I first did it, I suppose.

I used yarn taken from a thrift store sweater for this; a cream-coloured yarn with pale flecks of purple and yellow throughout. It’s 75% wool and 25% angora, and while it isn’t the softest yarn I’ve ever seen(which isn’t to say it isn’t soft, because it is), it’s strong and versatile, which makes it a wonderful yarn to use. I wish I could find more like it, but I somehow doubt I ever will. I haven’t been thrifting for long, but I’ve only ever found two identical sweaters in the time that I have been doing this.

Of course, it was a stroke of luck that I happened to be in Value Village one day and saw a sweater identical to one I’d bought weeks ago, so perhaps that yarn was meant to be mine. :p It’s the stuff I’m knitting the MS3 out of, the single-ply spring green angora blend.

Which I really need to work on more. Perhaps I can convince my roommate to print out the pattern pages for me some time when she isn’t too swamped with schoolwork.

Jakob is curious. “What is this ‘lace knitting’ of which you speak?”



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  1. I hate when a pattern doesn’t want to work with me. It’s either errata, or things like can’t understand the pattern.

    Ooo jakob is looking cute now. Doesn’t that amaze you when cats look you in different way?

  2. The Mystery of the Vanishing Pattern. It could be a Nancy Drew.

  3. Well, at least the scarf is turning out beautifully. I hate complicated written knit patterns; fortunately they have a symbol chart, yay.

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