FO: Mistake-rib scarf.

September 13, 2007 at 5:57 pm | Posted in FOs, scarves | 1 Comment

Knit on size US 9 needles, with thick red acrylic yarn that was reclaimed from from a sleeveless top that I found at Value Village. At the time, I had no idea what I’d make from the yarn, since there wasn’t much of it, nor was it a fibre I normally buy when I go shopping for sweaters to take apart, but it turned out to work very well for something for the Red Scarf Project. I used up almost all of the yarn from the top, too, so this scarf is quite long and thick. It wraps around my neck once comfortably and still leaves fairly long ends to dangle down. A good length for a scarf, I figure.

So that’s one project down, and only 18 million a few more to go. I’m trying again to finish off old projects before I cast on for anything new, no matter how loudly the lace patterns calls out to me. At least Branching Out is on that list, so I can get my lace kick that way. I’d to finish Branching Out and the first sock I’m knitting, and then I’ll allow myself to cast on something new.

Of course, I do keep alive the hope that I’ll be inspired to finish other projects that are on the needles, but realistically, that ain’t a-happenin’. There are too many things I want to start making.

The only downside is, I’ve been knitting the mistake-rib scarf while watching subtitled anime. Lace is not a thing I like to work on while watching subtitled things. I can handle one or the other, but not both. So there’s that itching temptation to cast on another really simple scarf, just for something else to knit while I watch more.

I will be good. I will be good.

Also, as Sovereign of Lost Scissors, I, erm, lost another pair of scissors. So I had to go out and buy yet another pair.

They’re tiny little things, and gold-plated, which means I’m going to be much more likely to keep them safe rather than just lay them down and forget about them and lose them, the way most of my other scissors have gone.

(Though of course you just know that I’ll find three pairs of old scissors now that I’ve bought a new pair, because that’s just the way it all works.)

The kitties swear they haven’t stolen my scissors, but I’m not sure they look entirely innocent.


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  1. New embroidery scissors were one of the very few things I talked myself out of buying at Michaels last night.

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