I lied.

September 14, 2007 at 2:17 pm | Posted in feather and fan, lace, scarves, socks, WIPs | 2 Comments

Or at least, I think I lied. Perhaps I didn’t actually cast on stitches last night for a feather and fan scarf. Maybe one of my multiple personalities did it. Or maybe I fell asleep early and just dreamed the whole thing.

No, I lied.

I was feeling particularly brain-dead last night, and although I felt like knitting lace, I didn’t feel like dealing with Branching Out. So instead I dug out some recycled yarn, and cast on for a feather and fan scarf. The yarn is 85/15 acrylic/wool, and while I know that’s not the best combination for lace, it was a pretty colour, and I like the way the shades moved into each other, from purple to pink to paler pink and back to purple again.

I have no doubt this will end up being a charity scarf, since I’m not into wearing such girly colours.

But just to prove I have been working on other WiPs, I’ll show you the progress on my very first sock!

I swear that thing doubled in length yesterday while I watched anime and knit mindlessly in the round. I frogged the original sock in progress because I didn’t like some of the random patterning I decided to throw in there. Doing things just because I can or to see if I can doesn’t always end up a good idea. So I frogged, cast on again, and have just continued with something mindlessly round and fun. Another few inches on that thing and I should be ready to turn my very first heel!

Jakob is less enthused than I am about this.



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  1. mmm. i love feather and fan. and good job on that sock! my first one felt like magic – follow the directions and suddenly, you have a heel. great color too.

  2. Ooh, those are pretty colours. Also: Whee! Sock! It’s lookin’ good. I’m working on gusset shaping right now.

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