FO: Feather-and-fan scarf.

September 26, 2007 at 1:38 am | Posted in charity knitting, feather and fan, FOs, lace, scarves | 5 Comments

Made from yarn recycled from a thrift store sweater, 85% acrylic, 15% wool, single ply.

I made it somewhat shorter than I originally intended, seeing as how I had less yarn that I originally thought. It’d probably fit a child well, though, and seeing as how I don’t know any children nor do I want to wear this scarf myself, it goes into the charity bag to be delivered around Christmastime.

So huzzah, another project completed! And since I’m still in a lace mood, I’ll get back to work on Branching Out, and hopefully finish it before Secret of the Stole starts. I really do need to whittle down my WiP list. Seeing it be so long bugs me, and yet I can’t seem to control the urge to cast on new pretty things as soon as possible.

Maybe there’s a support group for this sort of thing. Much like my love of tea and all things Japanese, I have a love of casting on new projects.

And those who know just how much I love tea and Japanese things will understand just how deep this thing runs!

Seems like I’m not the only one in the apartment with a taste for tea. Silk the rattie explores some boxes we left on the counter.



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  1. The scarf is lovely! What a recyclable sweater find, the yarn colorway is so pretty.

  2. That scarf is very lovely, and I agree what the previous commenter said. What a great transformation.

  3. It is indeed a lovely colourway, and a lovely scarf.

  4. here’s to finishing up a knit! i too have the issue of casting on, but since i make mostly small things, it’s not such a big deal. hey! nice rat. i miss having rats. think i’ll go drink some tea :)

  5. The scarf is gorgeous! Love those colors. I have the casting-on issue, too, but my plan is not to consider it a problem till I run out of needles. :)

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