2klace banners and buttons.

November 29, 2007 at 11:31 pm | Posted in 2klace | 6 Comments

I figured it would take me a day or so to make these, and what do you know? A few hours off work one evening, and here three of them are.

Feel free to take the images and host them on your own servers and whatnot. Feel free to make your own, too, if you don’t like any of these. (Though if you do make one of your own, I’d be overjoyed to see what it looks like!)

A month and a day left until the beginning of 2klace! Spread the word, keep lace knitting alive!

[Edit] – I just found out today that there’s a site called Year of Lace that’s also dedicating 2008 to lace knitting. I wish I had the money to join. $250 seems like a lot of money for only four patterns, though they are sending the yarn along, too, so that may make it worth it. But even so, I still can’t afford it.

Either way, I’ll pimp out that site a little here, for those who can afford it and hadn’t yet heard about it.

(Makes me want to get a list of all 2klace participants and send out free simple patterns or something. But that would require me to make them. And to make a way of keeping track of them. Which I, alas, am not nifty enough to do. :p)



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  1. I’ll take the 1st button. I suppose I’ll link the button to the previous post where all the guidelines are.

    I was actually so much tempted to join that Year of Lace. But $250 is actually really a lot for 4 patterns. That’s like $62.50 per project. Currently I prefer to pay cell phone bills or grocery.

  2. Hey, can I join in? I’ve been dreaming about lace while finishing up my Christmas Knitting, so I have a feeling a lot of my projects will be lace-oriented the next few months. :) One question: will it count if I finish up my current lacy UFO in the New Year, or do they all have to be started in 2008?

  3. just joined the group on ravelry! made my own button! :D

  4. Here’s the image

  5. I’m so glad you liked it!! :D feel free to use it here :)

  6. I’m so pleased to find like minded souls. I knitted a shawl for a dear friend’s new bride, then one for a niece last year, both of which turned out beautifully – so much so that other family members in the area want shawls, too.

    I’m usually working up designs from existing stash and then checking out stitch patterns. The impetus for all of this is the Victorian Lace book, but I’ve always been interested in knitting lace. I just hadn’t been confident enough of my skills.

    It still takes a bit of work to get the pattern in my head, but once that’s in place, the rest is easy.

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