FO: Gryffindor scarf

December 11, 2007 at 5:56 pm | Posted in FOs, Gryffindor scarf, scarves | 2 Comments

About five and a half feet long, knit from Paton’s Classic Merino in colours Wine and Old Gold. It turned out quite nice, I think. Boring as all hell for the most part, since it’s just a 1×1 rib all the way through, but it was worth the tedium to see the nice end result.

It was also very satisfying to weave in the last end and tie on the last tassel, let me tell you! I felt like I went through 8 million small snippets of yarn doing all that!

Despite me posing with the scarf on, I didn’t knit it for me. I knit it for a friend of mine, Robert, who inspired me to take steps towards starting my own business in the handmade items market. I figure for invaluable advice, he was at least worth a warm scarf!

I finished this a bit ahead of schedule, too, so I can now happily work more on the altar cloth and perhaps even get that finished by the Yule celebration. We’ll be meeting on the 18th for the annual burning of the Yule log* and gift exchange, so if I work diligently on it for the next week, this might just work out.

*The burning of the Yule log isn’t quite as flamey as you may think. Since we can’t exactly burn actual wood anywhere within the city, at least no place that we’d all manage to stay warm in, we’ve substituted the actual log of wood for a log-shaped ice cream cake from the local Dairy Queen, and we light candles on it. Symbolic and delicious!



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  1. the scarf looks lovely! i like your alternative to the yule log issue. works for me!

  2. Pretty! The great thing about Harry Potter scarves is that even though they’re all pretty much the same, you can never get tired of looking at pictures of them.

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