Let’s go bother Snape!

January 7, 2008 at 2:37 pm | Posted in Gryffindor scarf, scarves, WIPs | Leave a comment

You know, even if Snape were around here, I doubt I’d go bother him. I like him too much. But I’m not against watching other people bother him, as in Potter Puppet Pals.

This is what knitting a Gryffindor Scarf can do to me. I watch crazy animated puppets online. :p

Actually, through most of the knitting on this scarf, I’ve been sitting at my computer reading the Arrows of the Queen e-book*. (And, after finishing that, I went on to read the next one, Arrow’s Flight.) The scarf pattern is simple enough that I really don’t have to look at it, and instead can concentrate on reading. It makes the time just fly by!

For the record, I’m not using the original pattern for the 1st year scarf. I’m doing it in 1×1 rib instead of knitting it in the round, and doing 20 rows of each colour. It still comes out looking good, and the person it’s intended for doesn’t mind the design change. It saved me from having to buy a circ that I didn’t have, just to knit one scarf. So long as we’re both happy, it’s all good.

Nick and Jakob have been curling up together on the bed more lately. Maybe it’s because of the cold weather. The apartment’s never really cold, not even a bit chilly (except in the kitchen and my room areas, but that’s best the heating vents don’t extend that far. Another bit of brilliance in the design of this place…), but maybe they’re just so spoiled that even a little chill is enough to make them cuddle up together. Cuties!

*I managed to get my hands on quite a lot of e-books recently, so I anticipate much more reading while knitting in my future, something that makes me indescribably happy! I’m a big book geek, after all, and I devour fantasy novels like candy!

Now, if only I could play video games and knit at the same time…


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