Skinning Muppets for fun and profit.

January 16, 2008 at 10:58 am | Posted in Dead Muppet scarf, My So-Called Scarf, scarves, WIPs | Leave a comment

Roomie was wrong. It doesn’t look that much better knitted up than it does in the ball.

Ah well. It’s using up some stash that probably would have just sat around forever anyway, and it’s giving me something to do with my hands while I read. I can’t complain too loudly, really. But I promise you all, I won’t show this thing again until it’s finished, so you don’t have to dread this blog turning into a Muppet pelt show. :p

(Not that there’s anything wrong with feather yarn and Fun Fur and whatnot. I don’t particularly care for it, since not much can be done with it except knit garter-stitch scarves or trimming for something. And this stuff I’m using is particularly… interesting, colour-wise. This may be the only time you see me use anything like it on this blog.)

I have at least made some progress on My So-Called Scarf. Not much, but enough that it’s a noticeable difference from the last time I showed a picture of it.

Returning to work does wonders for knitting in the same way that not working does wonders. :p It’s all just a matter of what I knit where.

Not much to blog about today, really. I ought to get a move on and finish one of these projects soon, just so I can have an FO to show off. So-Called is probably going to be the first one finished, aside from Dead Muppet, I think. Even if I only end up getting ten rows done a day, I knit it steadily, and 10 rows goes a long way when you’re knitting with thick yarn and biggish needles. Besides, if I’m diligent during a shift, and if it isn’t too busy, I tend to get a lot more than just ten rows done in a day.

Jakob, of course, can’t let Nick have all the glory, so he has to ham it up on the kitchen table too!


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