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Holy crap, my referral stat meter is exploding! O_o The Two Thousand and Lace challenge was added to the 2008 Knitalong list, and all of a sudden I’m getting more visitors per day than I ever did before. On the 16th, I got 104 hits, which is currently the record for this blog!

Now would be a good time to write up the charts for those patterns, methinks. If more people are coming here, even for just a moment, they might end up seeing something they want to knit.

Is it shameless self-promotion if I don’t expect or really want to receive kudos and accolades for a pattern that people may or may not knit? Where does that fine line get drawn?

So I hereby declare that the pattern for Path of the Heart will be released on Monday. And I’m saying it here so that I have no excuse not to write it all up over the weekend. You can all take me to task if you come here on Tuesday and the pattern just isn’t around anywhere. (Barring, of course, deaths in the family or emergency hospital visits or what have you. Which of course I’m hoping won’t happen.)

But yes, all that aside, Stormy Ocean has been progressing fairly nicely. It’s actually grown about 50% since I last photographed it. I think it’s about half done, maybe a little less. It looks a bit short, but then I remember my experience with blocking Path of the Heart, and just how much it grew, so I’m trying to factor that into it.

Though I don’t suppose it’ll be a bad thing if it ends up a bit longer than expected.

I’ve felt very motivated in the lace department of things, so much so that I’ve been desperately holding back from casting on another lace project or two. I want to keep my list of WiPs down this year, so that I’m not flitting back and forth from project to project, knitting only a little at a time on each and not really having much to show for it in the end. That’s another reason why I’ve vowed to post here three days a week now, too. I have to have something worth showing each time I post, or it just isn’t worth it. And pointless posts are nobody’s friend, after all.

Nick and Jakob are much more interested in food than pointless posts or lace, it seems.


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  1. I suppose I should have asked this three weeks ago…is there an official sign-up for 2kLace? Or can we just slap a button on our blog and knit along? That’s sort of what I’ve been doing, without the button, which I haven’t figured out yet. :)

    Stormy Ocean looks great!

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