FO: Dead Muppet Scarf.

January 23, 2008 at 10:47 am | Posted in Dead Muppet scarf, FOs, scarves | Leave a comment

It didn’t take too long to finish. I just cast on 21 stitches to a US 8 needle, and knit every row until the yarn from both balls was gone. Hardly taxing work. :) I do wish I’d finished something nicer as my first FO of the year, but what can you do? It was the first thing done, mostly because it was so very simple, and I could watch TV or read very easily while knitting it.

I really don’t think I’d mind this colourway so much if it wasn’t for the beige. The clumps of beige in this brings to mind someone tracking mud all over an ice queen’s cloak. The beige is a very disrespectful addition to this, methinks. It would have looked a lot nicer without it.

No matter. I’ll end up trying to sell this thing anyway come craft sale time, or perhaps giving it away in a charity bag. Either way, I really don’t have any use for it.

But then, I don’t have a use for most of the things I knit. I knit because I enjoy it, not because I particularly need the items I’m knitting. Some of them I want, certainly, and some I get good use out of, like a few scarves I’ve knit up, but for the most part, I enjoy the process of knitting much more than the finish object.

I’ve always identified well with process knitters. Can you tell?

Here we have a rare image of the famous two-bodied kitten, lounging in its natural habitat, which just happens to be a pile of yarn and fabric. The two-bodies kitten is well-known for its dual personalities, and its ability to manipulate hosts by looking cute and meowing.


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