Miles to knit before I lace.

January 25, 2008 at 1:58 pm | Posted in 2klace, lace, shawls, WIPs, Wool Peddler's shawl | 2 Comments

It occurred to me the other day, as I dug through my piles of WiPs, that I needn’t have made the Dead Muppet scarf as something to knit while reading. Oh sure, it did use up some stash, for which I’m thankful (the more stash I use up, the more I can justify buying later, after all), but I already had a project on the needles that could work just as well for a reading project.

The Wool Peddler’s shawl that I started last October. I’m still in the early stages of knitting this, but it’s all garter stitch except for 4 yarn-overs every two rows, and that’ll go on for a while before I need to start the lace pattern at the bottom. And if I knit this while reading, both the shawl and the book will start to fly by again.

So needless to say, once I found it in the WiP pile, I picked up up, found the yarn I was using for it, and started to knit again.

On a completely different note, it seems I don’t need to have Celebrity Knitblog Dreams anymore. (Not that it really stopped me the other night, when I had a dream about Anne Hanson sending me a $500 cheque to cover “kitchen expenses”, whatever that means. O_o) But it seems that if her Ravelry profile is to be believed, then Cheryl Oberle herself has joined the 2klace group. O_O I saw that, and I felt completely dwarfed my talent.

I mean, not that I felt I had a huge amount of talent to start with, not compared to a lot of people I know in the knitblog sphere. But to see someone who has published many patterns and books joining what was originally supposed to be a dinky little lace challenge just makes me feel… Well, kind of inspired, too. I mean, if a famous person is interested, then I must be doing something right, right? And it gives me that other little bit of hope that maybe, if I work hard enough, maybe I too can get pay for patterns someday. After all, well-known designers and I already have something in common.

Well, we already had something in common. We both love to knit. But you all get what I’m getting at, right?

Well, I’m off to knit some more. As the subject line says, I have miles to knit before I lace, and the Wool Peddler’s shawl waits for no one!

Jakob is clearly uninterested in anything I have to say.



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  1. Cheryl Oberle joined up! That’s so cool. Love the Wool Peddler Shawl – I hope to get around to knitting that myself someday. I probably ought to finish my Domovoi Shawl first though…

  2. I have a cat that shares some similar expressions with yours! Isn’t it funny how expressive they can be?

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