FO: My So-Called Scarf

January 28, 2008 at 1:55 pm | Posted in FOs, My So-Called Scarf, Random babble, Reinyarnations, scarves | 1 Comment

I made a few changes from the original pattern. Instead of casting on 30 stitches, I cast on 50, since 30 and even 40 seemed to make too narrow a scarf for my liking. I used US 10 needles instead of US 11. I also didn’t use Manos yarn, but rather some acrylic stuff that I recycled from a sweater a while back, and was just waiting for find a good project that it could be used for. It was perfect for a So-Called Scarf!

I really feel like I’ve been moving ahead quite quickly with my knitting lately. I think it has to do with the fact that I’m blogging on specific days now, and thus I have to have something to say each time, so I push myself. Also the fact that I posted a pattern on Monday freed up another couple of days during which I could knit without having to show anything off, and finishing up the Dead Muppet scarf and posting about that did the same thing. Those two posts practically gave me an extra week in which to work on other projects, and I feel even more now like I accomplished something worth talking about.

I ought to design and release patterns more often, if this is what it does to my knitting speed! It hasn’t just been the good timing; I’ve been knitting every spare moment I have, and it seems to me like I’ve had more of those moments over the past week and a half.

Whatever works, I guess. I’m certainly not complaining. The quicker I finish these projects, the sooner I can let myself move on to others that I’ve been itching to cast on for!

If other news, Wool Fondlers was at City Market again this past weekend, and as is typical, I had no money to spend at it. :/ I did wonder, though, if maybe next year if might be worth trying to get a stall there, and maybe try to sell recycled yarns. If I, for example, spend $10 a week, so $20 a paycheque, on sweaters to unravel for yarn, that could get me 8-10 sweaters a month. Which, given that I won’t be able to start that until around June anyway, is still quite a bit of yarn that could potentially be sold there. And it’d give me great chances to get better at dyeing, too, which is no bad thing.

So I might just give that a try. I’ll see who I can contact about getting a stall there for next year’s Wool Folders festival, and try to peddle my recycled yarns.

And maybe wear my Wool Peddler’s shawl, just for fun!


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  1. I was very well-behaved and only spent $10 at the Wool Fondlers Fibre Festival. And it was money well-spent. Hand-dyed alpaca of much prettiness…

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