10 bloggers who make my day.

February 1, 2008 at 2:35 pm | Posted in Random babble, WIPs | 4 Comments

I’ve seen this going around in quite a few places lately, listing ten blogs that make my day to read. I think I’m going to be hard-pressed to narrow the list down to ten, but I’ll give it my best shot. Ahem, in no particular order, I give you:

Wendy Knits – I’m always impressed by Wendy’s talent with knitting, and the speed at which she accomplishes things, and the stunning projects that come out on the other end of the needles. I also love Lucy. Heck, even my roommate, who has never read Wendy’s blog before, loves Lucy, because I mention cute things Lucy’s done all the time! (How’s that for an endorsement?)

cosymakes – I love seeing what Cosy’s got on the needles, and I especially love seeing the wonderful things she makes from recycled yarn. Too few people use recycled yarn, so it’s great to see somebody who does! (Plus I covet her stash. But shhh, don’t tell anyone!)

KnitKitten – Rarely updated, but Kitten’s a wonderful friend who’s got a wicked sense of humour and enough common interests with me that I love to read what she writes. Anyone who loves books and yarn as much as she does if definitely on my A list!

Knitspot – Anne is one of the most talented knitters I’ve ever met, who’s quite possibly my biggest inspiration when it comes to working on designs of my own. Her photography is enviable, too!

Knitting in the Valley – A wonderfully kind and generous person, and I love to see the beautiful things she creates!

Tia Knits – Beautiful photography, and she has an engaging style of writing that I love to read. Very expressive in everything I’ve seen her do.

Queer Joe’s Knitting Blog – Normally I stay out of political stuff, but I can’t help but agree with just about everything Joe says in regards to American politics. His knitting is first rate, and I love to see his latest flea market finds.

Lacefreak – Quite possibly the most talented lace knitter I’ve ever seen! And I think that sentence alone speaks volumes about why her blog makes my day.

Lace Maven – Updated too infrequently for my liking, because I love to see the beautiful things showcased on this blog. Beautiful pictures, and very inspiring lace projects! (Plus it’s cool to see somebody who also lives in Canada that adores lacy goodness.)

All Tangled Up – Beautiful photos, beautiful knitting, and I do so love reading about people from back home in the UK.

It also seems that in the course of doing this, I’ve looked at the lists of people who make everyone else’s day, and discovered a few new blogs to read. Can’t go wrong there!

I cast on for something new last night! Can you tell what?

Need another hint?

Jakob knows what it is, but he’s protecting the secret, even as he sleeps.



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  1. Aww, thank you. You make my day, too! (As do your cats.) And I’m trying to update more from now on. Although I know I always say that.

  2. thank you for the mention! it’s always nice to hear from you too!

  3. It’s so nice to know other people’s blogs and the funny thing sometimes they don’t know they are the inspiration of another or a good cup of tea.

    I really like the Lace Maven blog. OMG so much lace per page. I think I flip every time I see each beautiful lace.

    The Queer Joe’s blog is another blog that I want to read about a guy’s perspective about fiber world.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I forgot to add. Is that the Alpine knit scarf from Victorian Lace Today?

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