Pictureless post.

February 6, 2008 at 1:15 pm | Posted in Random babble, stash | Leave a comment

My camera has decided to die on me, you see, so alas there are no pictures accompanying this post.

Which is okay, since I really don’t have much to show off. I’ve been rather sick lately, and fighting through the tiredness that so often comes with being sick, that I haven’t had much of an attention span for knitting.

My new laptop hasn’t been helping matters lately, since I want to spend all my time playing around on that. It’s second-hand, really, given to me by my roommate when she got a new one, but it’s my first laptop, so it’s all new to me. Right now I’ve got a load of e-books and video games on it, so you can just imagine where my attention is directed. *chuckles*

I am, however, at least doing something fibre-related, even if it isn’t knitting. Mostly I’m taking apart sweaters that have been in my stash for too long without being used, and unplying other yarns that I’d prefer were thinner. It’s keeping me busy, if nothing else, and the yarn I need for whatever project I decide to do next will be readily available, instead of me procrastinating because the yarn I’d want would still be in sweater form.

So yes, that has been my past few days. Hopefully by Friday I’ll have fiddled with my camera enough to get it working again, and will actually have something worth posting about!


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