What a wonderful dream.

February 8, 2008 at 10:28 am | Posted in Gryffindor scarf, Random babble, Reinyarnations, scarves, stash | 1 Comment

A few nights ago, I had a dream that as I was walking home from the bus stop, I passed a house that had huge bags of yarn sitting out front, looking like they were waiting to be taken away with the trash. I couldn’t resist checking it out. I knocked on the front door of what turned out to be law offices, and found out that yes, all that yarn was just going to be thrown away, since nobody had any more need for it, and that somebody just put out a bookcase full of books, too. I was welcome to go through and take what I wanted.

There was so much stuff there that I would have needed to make at least two trips to carry all I wanted home, and what I wanted consisted of less than half of what was out there. I couldn’t believe my luck, and was thinking that photographing this huge stash increase would make for some great pictures for my knitblog.

I woke up the next morning with a slight feeling of loss, knowing all that dream yarn was no longer mine. Le sigh. Though I shouldn’t be too upset; it’s not like I have a piddly little stash to start with, after all!

At least my stash has been increasing, in a way, with all the sweater-unravelling I’ve been doing.

I have plans for all of these balls, and more of the same that I don’t have pictured, so that ought to keep me busy for quite a while, and happily, too!

I’m also almost finished with the Gryffindor scarf. I was hoping to finish it last night, but I didn’t have enough of the red yarn to make it as long as my roommate tends to like, so it looks like I’m going to have to buy another ball after all. At least it won’t be too expensive. I mean, the yarn isn’t exactly cheap, but compared to what it could be costing me, I’m rather thankful that the price is as low as it is. Less than $10 a ball is a good price for me!

No wonder I use recycled yarns instead of new stuff, huh? Keeps the cost down!

Jakob, looking grumpily sleepy, has been almost constantly by my side these past few days while I’ve been knitting, most often showing his superiority by sleeping on the back of the couch, which, when I’m sitting down, is above my head. Yup, who’s surprised at that? ‘Cause I’m sure not.


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