Thrifty Thriday? Or Frifty Friday?

February 22, 2008 at 1:38 pm | Posted in stash, thrift | 1 Comment

Take your pick. Whichever one sounds better.

I had a very happy trip out to the mall yesterday, with some money that my parents gave me. I originally intended to just go to Michael’s to see if I could find a leather tooling kit, but unfortunately, they didn’t. Instead I just picked up some thin suede and some leather needles, with the intention of making a present for a friend of mine. I promise I’ll show it off here when it’s finished, even though it has nothing to do with knitting.

I did stop in at Value Village, however, to see if they had anything nice there, and I came away with three wonderful sweaters!

100% alpaca, soft as anything, and a beautiful pattern. In fact, I’m not sure if I want to frog this to use for other projects, because it’s so beautiful. I suspect it’ll sit around for a while, being worn on cold days, until I finally make a decision one way or the other.

100% merino wool, laceweight, and quite possibly the softest wool I’ve ever felt. I look forward to making something out of this. Unsurprisingly, it’ll probably be reinyarnated as a lace shawl.

Moore teal than this picture shows, this is 58% silk, 30% nylon, 10% angora, and 2% lambswool. I love the colour, and the feel of mostly silk, so I had to snatch this up before someone else got to it first.

My acquisitions! Let me show you them!

I also picked up the latest Interweave Knits.

There are quite a few patterns in this issue that caught my eye. Some I want to knit but won’t dare knit for myself. Not until I lose a whole load of weight, anyway. But the one that I want to knit the most is probably this:

Not a very good photo, but it’s the Bleeding Hearts stole, by Anne Hanson. I love her designs, and being able to get my hands on this one without needing a credit card…

I really do need to put aside some money, physical money, and see if she’ll accept it for the purchase of patterns instead of using my nonexistent credit card. Her lace patterns are truly lovely, and I’m envious of her talent in a bit way! *grins*

But yes, it has been a slow knitting week. However did you guess? I have been knitting things, but very little on each project, and not really enough to show off at the present time. Hopefully by Monday I’ll have something worth talking about. I can’t subject you all to yet another day of placeholder posting!

Nick has spent most of his time napping on the couch. And given how little sleep I’ve been getting lately, I wish I could say the same for me!


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  1. hurrah! for a little extra money once in a while. that alpaca sweater looks beautiful.

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