Another one in the mix.

March 5, 2008 at 8:46 pm | Posted in inanna cape, lace, scarf with striped border, scarves, shawls, WIPs | Leave a comment

It seems I really just can’t put down the yarn and needles lately, because yes, yet another project has been past on.

It’s the Inanna cape, and already I feel the need to get a move on with this thing. It seemed perfect for the wedding shawl I promised a friend of mine a while ago. Her wedding colours are going to be red and black, and I thought the meaning behind the shawl would be suitable. So as soon as I found it, I pulled out a nice ball of merino/angora yarn and cast on.

The yarn I’m using is thinner than the yarn called for in the original pattern, and the needles smaller (I’m using US 8s), but having the shawl be a little bit smaller probably will be no bad thing in the long run, since by the picture on, that’s one big shawl!

It looks like I may have to buy another ball of the grey-blue yarn for the Scarf with Striped Border, since I’m almost done the ball I have and it’s nowhere near as long as I want it. So I’m just hoping I can find dyelots that match, or at least come close to matching. I’ll probably pick that up with my next paycheque, since it’ll only be about $7 or so after taxes. Not too much.

On a different matter, the weather here is horrible today!

We’ve had snow, rain, freezing rain, nasty wind, and a chilly bite to the air. All in one day! It’s like the weather can’t make up its mind, either, since it keeps switching from one to the next, making it pretty much impossible to know what the weather will be like in another ten minutes.

Though it seems to have been raining, and raining hard, for the past half hour or so at least, and it doesn’t sound like it’s going to let up anytime soon, so my best guess is that we’re in for this for the rest of the afternoon.

Thankful to be warm at home is what I am!

So’s Jakob.


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