The hiatus begins.

March 7, 2008 at 12:42 pm | Posted in Random babble | 2 Comments

For a good few years, I’ve had a strange lump on the back of my left wrist. It doesn’t hurt, is kinda hard, and, most weirdly of all, went away once and has only relatively recently come back.

Research tells me that this is a ganglion cyst. Research also tells me that they tend to get bigger when more activity is being done with the wrist.

Gee, what have I been doing a lot of lately? Hmm, let me think…

So I’ve decided to take a bit of a break from knitting. I’ll probably take the next week off, which means no blog posts, and what little I do knit will likely be with my wrist wrapped up fairly tightly in a home-made wrist-brace, to try and rest it. I think it’ll take more than a week to go away, but giving it a bit of a break probably will do it some good anyway.

So my break from the knitting world begins… NOW!

(It’s entirely likely I’ll find something to do with my hands in the meantime that’s not quite so movement oriented. Maybe getting back to some cross-stitching, since I can stitch with my right hand and hold the fabric with my left hand, and all will be dandy. So maybe when I come back I’ll have something to show for it.)



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  1. Hope your wrist is better soon! In the meantime, we out here in blogland wouldn’t mind looking at cross-stitch, if you wanted to show it off… :)

  2. O no! It’s not life threatening, is it? I hope your wrist is oke.

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