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Ball of pink mohair blend seeks long-lost twin for project. Project cannot be complete without twin.

Always eager to help yarn find its proper place in life, I am.

I’ve been looking for this yarn for weeks, and finally found it the other day. The feather and fan scarf can not be completed. Or, if not completed (I may feel like knitting an extra long scarf), at least made a good deal longer, buying me time to find a potential long-lost triplet.

So many projects on the needles! Sometimes I wonder where I find the time to advance on any of them! Knit a few rows here, a few rows there, and sure, stuff gets done, but it doesn’t make for a good showing here. I really ought to try to focus better. But oh well; for now, I’ve got a few things I can talk about in future entries, and some progress to show off, so I suppose it works out in the long run, right?

Culture Time

Last night, my roommate and I went to see a local theatre production of Tuesdays with Morrie, which I enjoyed immensely, though I couldn’t make it even halfway through the play with dry eyes. It’s a moving story, one that puts into words a lot of things that I personally think about people and society, and if you ever get a chance, I urge you to read the book or see some sort of well-done adaptation. Just come prepared with the knowledge that you may have a good cry, and that you may end up looking at things in a different way when you step away from the story, because you’ve taken a bit of the story with you.

I think Nick is taking the concept of looking at things differently just a bit too literally…


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