Never turn down inspiration.

March 24, 2008 at 5:44 pm | Posted in Random babble | Leave a comment

In City Market on Saturday, I met a woman who was selling her wares at one of the stalls, and just about everything she made was from felted recycled sweaters. We got into a discussion of felting techniques, and how recycling sweaters in one form or another was much more cost-effective than using new materials for everything, especially if one wants to sell things. As she said, who’s going to spend $300 on a wool felt beret just because it cost that much to buy the materials for?”

It’s nice to meet local people who share my love of putting recycling and crafting together, and who love shopping at Value Village to get what they want.

But look through her site; she makes wonderful things with the recycled sweaters she uses, and from roving and batting when she doesn’t feel like using sweaters. And she really is a joy to talk to, also. I wish I’d had some spare money, so I could have bought something of hers. Even if I didn’t need it, I love to support local artists when I can.

She’s also inspired me to branch out a little bit in terms of recycled sweater use. I have some sweaters that I bought a while ago that ended up being too felted and fuzzy to unravel, and so have put them aside, perhaps to use them as lining for rough wool hats or the like, but I wonder if I might be fun to make an abstract wall hanging of them, just for fun and decoration. If it ends up as fun as I think it may be, then I may end up with a new thing to specifically search for them I go thrifting. Normally I ignore felted things, since they can’t really been unravelled for yarn, but if I can do something with them…

Though even if I don’t make wall hangings from them, well, there’s no reason that this apartment couldn’t benefit from some cashmere embroidered cushions, or some such thing. I’m taking more joy in embroidery lately, and, well, I do love to recycle sweaters (and to shop for them)…

No indeed, never turn down inspiration. Go with it, follow it, let it lead you, and you might find yourself in places you never even imagined were possible.

Some cats can be picky about what they eat. Some cats develop a taste for fine foods. Some cats like it when their humans feed them delicious fresh cooked salmon, for instance.

Not Jakob. No, his favourite food, the kind he will go nuts for, is rotisserie chicken from Swiss Chalet. He will beg and meow until we give him scraps of chicken, which he will then wolf down like he’s starving, and it’s one of the few foods he’ll eat right out of our hands. But any other people food? Nope, he turns his nose up at it.



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