A well-deserved gift.

March 26, 2008 at 6:25 pm | Posted in Evan hat, lace, WIPs | 3 Comments

A while ago, I consulted a friend of mine, Evan, about a hat that he might like. After various discussion and tossing around of ideas, we at least settled on one main thing about the hat.

It must be purple.

Well, purple’s no problem. Even if I didn’t have purple yarn lying around, I could easily dye some, since grape Kool Aid is available in abundance. But I did have the right yarn lying around, and so the other night, after a little more idea-tossing, I cast on for what is now known as the Evan hat.

What will be the back…

…and what will be the front. It’s currently 88 stitches crammed onto straight needles, so taking one decent picture of the whole thing would have been impossible. As it is, even the two pictures don’t give you much of an idea about what the hat’ll look like at the end, except that the ribbing and the main section of the hat are in two different shades of purple.

And for the curious, so long as this hat turns out looking as decent as I hope, I’ll offer it up as a free pattern. So long as I don’t hit any snags, it should be finished by either Friday’s entry, or next Monday’s at the latest.

Jakob is still having fun playing with paper towel tubes.



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  1. the hat looks like it is off to a great start. my only question is why not do it in the round?

  2. Hooray for purple! Also, Jakob is totally onto something. Paper towel tubes are FUN.

  3. Cool. I suppose you design the hat flat because it’s easier to plan the pattern?

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