A thank-you.

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At work, I have a friend. She’s a sweetheart, she really is. Always there to talk to or to hug or just to sit with. She recently bought a Nintendo DS, and we spent a while talking about all the neat stuff that could be done with them. When bonus time came and I wasn’t entitled to any, she took $10 of hers and gave it to me, just because. The other day, after both lending me 25 cents for a bottle of water and then buying me a cup of hot chocolate, she came by my desk and handed me $5, and said that I was to go and buy something for myself, guilt-free, because she knowns how not-fun it is to have to debate whether buying a drink that day will take money away from a bill or from groceries.

So I decided that I’d do something kind in return. I went through my yarns (well, my sweaters, really), and found a beautiful chocolate-brown wool that would be wonderful as a lace shawl. I got out my scissors, cut the seams, and started frogging. I then cast on about a bazillion stitches for this:

It’s a little blurry, but it’s a picture of “A Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness” from Lavish Lace. This thing will be henceforth known as ASOMAMF, however, because I am not typing out that ridiculously long name every time I was to reference it.

The yarn is quite possibly the finest yarn I’ve ever worked with, even finer than the stuff I used for Stormy Ocean it was a bit fiddly to cast on with and to knit the first row, but now that I’ve got that baseline established, it’s a bit easier.

I’m making the shawl a good few pattern repeats wider than the original pattern calls for, too, since the yarn is thinner and the needles smaller than what the pattern states. It’ll balance out in the end. And if not, well, Sandra’ll still have a nice shawl to wrap around her shoulders to keep away the chill of the call centre.

(That ball of yarn, I’d like to point out, is about half of one sweater sleeve, and the needles I’m using are 2.25 mm straights. Yeah. Tiny yarn!)

Jakob poses in his prettiest way, as though suggesting that no lace shawl could ever look as beautiful as he does.


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