My geek is showing.

April 18, 2008 at 8:12 pm | Posted in feather and fan wrap, lace, Random babble, shawls, WIPs | Leave a comment

I probably shouldn’t have done this, but on payday, I tend to get a little (read: very self-indulgent, and buy treats for myself when I really ought to be saving money or putting another $20 or so toward paying off my debt. But I allow myself a sinful treat, most often in the form of books or magazines.

Today, it was both. Or all. Whichever. Three books (though the two paperback fantasy novels were second-hand, and thus a little cheaper than brand new), and one magazine.

Yes, my geek certainly is showing!

I promise I have something knitterly to share today.

It doesn’t have a name yet, so I’m sticking with “Feather and Fan Wrap” until I or someone else comes up with something better. I’m open to suggestions, folks!

It’s knit on 3mm needles, in th softest fingering-weight alpaca I’ve ever found, recycled, of course, from a thrift store sweater. The first sweater in this entry, for those who are curious. Three different shades of grey and the rest is a creamy off-white. I’m doing three repeats of the pattern in white, then one repeat in one of the greys, in the order of medium, light, and dark. I imagine it’s going to look quite pretty when it’s all done.

Ooh, and here’s something else to get my geek going! (Ravelry link). The Vkandis Sunlord circular shawl, which I imagine I’m going to cast on for the very second I find or dye the right yarn and find the right size needles. The Lackey-lover in me won’t let this one lie, that’s for sure!

Which reminds me that I really ought to get back to working on the Bardic shawl I had planned, and then the Herald’s shawl…

This is what a warm spring day does for me. It gets me excited, it gets me planning, and it makes me feel incredibly good!

Jakob, surprise surprise, just feels incredibly sleepy.


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