Bring on the knit!

May 12, 2008 at 9:29 am | Posted in stash | Leave a comment

I don’t know what it’s been lately, but I’ve been all stash-expandy over the past few days. I’ve managed to get two complete sweaters frogged and ready to be reknit, though I have no idea what I’ll make out of either of them at the moment.

This is bulky-weight lavender yarn, 70/30 acrylic/wool blend that I bought ages ago. I think it may become a baby blanket or something. I don’t know anyone who’s going to have a baby any time soon, but I work in a place where it’s not uncommon for babies to b expected, so I’m sure I’ll find someone eventually.

This is acrylic/polyester chenille, which makes me think of granite. There are three other balls of this that I didn’t take pictures of, too. No doubt this’ll become a few scarves for charity or something, some mindless garter-stitch knitting to do when I’m watching something with subtitles and thus have to concentrate on something other than my knitting.

There’s a teal green silk blend sweater that I want to start frogging soon, and a couple of partially frogged sweater pieces that I want to get back to. It’s kind of nice to really start wrestling my stash back into order. Soon, no longer will I have sweaters that would be great for a certain project but take time to prepare when I want to knit now.

Maybe this is because I just bought a new pair of scissors and expect, like every other pair of scissors I’ve ever bought, that they’ll go missing soon. I want to use them for everything I can right now, preparing everything that can be prepared, getting ready for the inevitable day when the scissors will vanish and I’ll just have to be content with what I already frogged, yarn-wise. If I’ve already got everything frogged, then there’s no problem whatsoever!

Another day of no kittypics, by the way. Camera needs recharging, and the kitties are tucked somewhere safe and cozy and sleepy, since it’s way too early for anything sane to be awake right now!

Then again, I never claimed my kitties were sane, did I?


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