Not the Belleisle scarf.

June 5, 2008 at 2:31 pm | Posted in lace, shawls, snow queen, WIPs | 1 Comment

I know, I know, I keep promising pictures of this mysterious Belleisle scarf and then not delivering. “Next time, I promise. Next entry, I swear.” I wonder how many ‘next entries’ there’ll be before I actually show anything. Or maybe it’ll become a running gag, that really there’s no Belleisle scarf and I’m just making stuff up to try to get people coming back.

No, honestly, there is a Belleisle scarf (which I realize now that I’ve been spelling wrong in previous entries), and someday I will show pictures of it. The reason I haven’t done so in this entry is because I’m still on a watching-stuff kick, which means I can’t read subtitles and concentrate on semi-complex lace patterns at the same time, so I’m limiting myself to simple things until I get through watching what I want to watch.

It’s lace, at least. Simple eyelet lace, the very first lace pattern I learnt how to make, and despite it’s simplicity, it can look very pretty when done with the right yarn. This yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease sportweight, in the White Frost colourway, which is 70% acrylic, 20% wool, and 10% nylon. I think I bought this stuff when it was on sale very cheap at a local department store; I don’t think I’d have bought it otherwise, since I normally prefer a higher natural fibre content in my yarn. But given that I seem to recall this stuff was less than $1 a ball…

Yeah, I was sure I could knit something with this. And after about a year, it turns out that I was right! I have three balls of this, and knit on US 9 needles in this eyelet lace pattern, will eventually turn into what I’ll call the Snow Queen wrap.

It’s quite warm, and I think it’ll come in very handy at work, where they keep it generally cold enough that I have to wear a sweater there even in the summer. (Sometimes it’s no wonder I get sick as often as I do!) 3 balls is a bit over 1000 yards, and that’ll be more than enough for a good sized wrap. And summer nights around here can still get a little chilly sometimes, but not so cold that wearing a jacket is necessarily warranted, so a nice wrap for maybe walking down to the corner store or something will be nice.

Jakob has his mind on something else. I wonder what. (Maybe the Belleisle scarf, perhaps?)


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  1. May I mention that the Snow Queen wrap has a very awesome name? Also, are you free next Sunday or Monday? ‘Cause I’m thinking we should get together and take some pictures for New Brunswick’s WWKiP Day photo scavenger hunt.

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