A day late.

June 15, 2008 at 8:24 pm | Posted in Dyeing, socks, WIPs | 3 Comments

Well, WWKIP day was celebrated mostly alone. Nobody showed up when I was uptown. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly expecting anyone to, since most of the celebrations amongst people I knew from Ravelry were being held in Fredericton, but I could neither afford to go nor get the time off work.

But it was nice to sit outside on a warm day, knitting away at my sock, chatting with the occasional person that wandered past and commented on what I was doing.

A bit of a pattern is emerging with this sock yarn, too. The ugly green bits I disparaged in my last entry are actually lining up to form what looks like a spiral around the leg of the sock, which actually looks kind of nifty! I don’t know whether it was designed to do that, or if it’s really just luck combined with my tension, but either way, I rather like it.

You really can’t see it in the above picture, however, since today is a horrible lighting day. Maybe next time, I hope.

Provided turning the heel and stitching the toes don’t frustrate me too much, I really do think that I’ll be knitting socks more. Which is good on a few levels, really. Socks are small projects that are easily portable and that don’t take up too much yarn, but there are tons of patterns for them that means countless hours of knitting entertainment. Plain socks, lace, cables, those sideways socks that I want to try at some point… Also, a lot of the sweaters I find at thrift stores often provide yarn of a good weight for knitting socks, so I’ll be able to get more projects per sweater.

I actually have some nice cotton/wool/acrylic yarn from a recent sweater that’s just waiting to be dyed in awesome colours, and I’ve been eyeing over the past few days and thinking that it would make some really nice pairs of socks. I know that socks knit from acrylic yarn don’t tend to be very nice, but I’m hoping that the cotton and the wool will help balance it out a little bit.

And if not, well, I can always use the yarn for scarves and/or a shawl. Always looking on the bright side.

I miss dyeing yarn. I really ought to just bite the bullet, go nuts buying packets of Kool Aid, and spend one of my days off work in the kitchen, mixing up some delicious-smelling yarn. Or I could find an iron nail, sock it in some vinegar, and use that as a mordant for when I experiment with flowers and plants for dyeing. Often when I’m outside, I’ll see a pretty flower and think, “Ooh, I wonder if I could use that to dye some yarn!” Lilacs are plentiful here; maybe I’ll try using those on my next dyeing day. Which will hopefully be very soon.

Nick’s happy so long as he can nap comfortably nearby without worry of any dey landing on his fur.



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  1. Turning the heel is easy. I have no idea why some people say it’s hard. Grafting the toes is also easy, provided you have the instructions directly in front of you. Apparently some people who have been knitting longer than we’ve been alive still can’t remember how to do Kitchener stitch properly unless they have instructions in front of them.

  2. I am really liking that yarn now even more !
    Can’t wait to see the sock !
    Happy Knitting !

  3. Oooo that’s too bad that no one showed up.

    So you’re addicted to socks now? :D
    Socks are fun and great to try out new techniques.

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