July 10, 2008 at 1:40 pm | Posted in scarves, stash | 1 Comment

After a monetary gift from my mother, I decided to make a little investment of the yarn variety.

I found all of this at Value Village, all for less than $10 for the lot. Not a bad deal, really, especially when you consider that one ball can be knit up into a scarf, and each scarf can be sold for $5 or $10 at the Christmas craft fair that my workplace puts on.

Assuming they sell, of course. And assuming that I’m still working here by the time that rolls around. If not, well, there’s always the city-run Christmas craft fair, if I can make up enough stuff to make getting a table there worthwhile. (The city-run fair costs money to reserve a table, whereas the work fair is free for sellers.)

And failing all that, then I’m sure there are some shelters around here that wouldn’t mind a donation of handknit scarves around gift-giving season. It won’t be much, but it’ll be something.

I figure that this stuff isn’t going to count towards 2klace, since it’s on ongoing huge project to get a whole load of stuff to sell and/or donate. I’ll eventually show the whole lot of my Ravelry page, maybe show them off here, too, but I’m not going to count each scarf as being an FO here. Too many scarves to be interesting, really. Or if I do count it, I’ll count the whole batch as one project, since it’s all working toward a singular goal.

And the scarves are easy to knit at work, just repetitive knit stitch over and over until the yarn’s gone. Good to keep my hands busy and to make me feel productive.

Though the scarf is a bit too wide, I think, and kinda tight on the US 10s I was using, so I’m thinking I might frog it tonight and cast on again on US 10.5 needles instead, with less stitches. Make the yarn last as long as it can.

My aim is to get at least 20 scarves knit by December. Since I don’t have 20 balls right now, this is going to involve a few more trips to Value Village for more novelty yarn, which I certainly don’t mind. I like stash enhancement, even if it’s just novelty yarn that I don’t normally knit with, me being a big lace ho and all. *laughs*

I ought to do this every year, really; knit a huge batch of scarves to sell or donate in December. I’m sure I’ve probably meant to in years past, and probably just never got around to it, or something got in the way, or what have you. Most likely it’s because I got the idea far too late in the year to knit much. This year, though, I’ve got about five months to knit up 20 simple scarves. That’s a scarf a week. That’s easy, since it’s all in garter stitch!

Jakob approves of my plan, so long as he doesn’t have to do too much to help.


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  1. Is the bluish stuff on the left Bernat Illusions, too? ‘Cause I made a scarf out of Illusions in that colour and in white. It was stripey. Woo. I love that picture of Jakob. He looks so… evil. As cats do, you know.

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