Stashtastic to the umpteenth power!

July 16, 2008 at 9:51 pm | Posted in stash | Leave a comment

If I’m going to spend money that I technically shouldn’t, I may as well spend it on yarn.

For starters, I came back from Value Village for 5 sweaters to unravel. 2 bulky 100% wool sweaters, one of which is rather rough (will likely become hats with soft felted-cashmere lining) and one incredibly soft (possibly winter socks?). 2 laceweight 100% merino sweaters, one in heather shades of brown (might take a trip to the dyepot) and one in deep dark blue (will be knit as is, it’s such a beautiful colour). The third is a silk/nylon/angora sweater in red with a bit of white patterning that’s got no official plans for it yet, but just give me time!

No pictures of them right now, because Nick is being a butt and getting in the way of all my photos, so I can’t get a clear shot of anything.

I also picked up:

2 skeins of Briggs & Little 100% wool yarn, $3 for both skeins. Possibly will become socks, or a scarf. I haven’t decided yet.

3 bags of partial balls of dishcloth cotton. Will become numerous facecloths, because we need more of them around the house, and they’ll be good to practice stitch patterns on.

Living with Quilts, which seems to be some history about quilting, and then a bunch of pictures of different styles and patterns, which are probably going to be inspirational enough to help me start making at least a scrap quilt in my spare time.

And of course, here’s Nicky!

Getting in the way of everything, and meowing all the while. Still, he’s awfully cute.

And now I’m going to go lie down, because my allergy meds are kicking in and making me feel rather woozy.

Oh yes, and if anyone’s interested, I also recently signed up for a Plurk account. It’s kinda fun, actually, more fun than I thought it would be.


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