For my mother.

July 17, 2008 at 2:33 pm | Posted in feather and fan wrap, lace, shawls, socks, WIPs | Leave a comment

Not quite the sock you normally see here (when I bother to knit on it, that is). This sock is an ankle sock that my mother requested, and since she bought the yarn and I didn’t mind knitting, plus the fact that knitting socks is a surprising amount of fun, I figured why the heck not?

It’s dishcloth cotton, which isn’t a favourite for my hands, but she likes the colours and the feel. She who bought the yarn gets to call the shots, after all!

The first sock is almost done. Just got to knit the foot, do the toes, and then I can bind off and start the next sock. It shouldn’t take me too long, really, since the pattern I’m using isn’t exactly complicated (though the instructions were hard to interpret in a place or two, I figured it out in the end) and the yarn is thick… But I’ve been distracted by my feather and fan wrap.

It’s almost done. Just another two and a half repeats of the colour pattern, I think, and I’ll be ready to bind this one off, block it, and call it finished. Which I’m really excited to do, because I promised myself that I wouldn’t start knitting the Bardic shawl until this was finished. And I really want to knit the Bardic shawl. I have the pattern planned out, I know exactly where I want to go with it, and I just need to dye the yarn before the actual knitting can begin!

Which doesn’t really take much.

With my recent stashing, I’ve had so many projects in mind that I want to cast on for now now now that I’m finding it hard to hold myself back. I have plenty of other projects on the go that I could be, and indeed should be working on instead of butterflying back and forth the way I feel the urge to do. I like the process, of course, and am primarily a process knitter, but I also like to see the process reach a natural conclusion, a finished end that I can show off to a couple of people (even if only in blogland) and say, “Look at this cool thing I made!”

But I just have to keep on trucking with the feather and fan wrap, and then I can start the Bardic shawl. And then while knitting that, no doubt I’ll finish off those socks for my mother, and possibly the Kertzer socks for my roommate, and then my WiP list will go down and I’ll be happy again. Having lots of WiPs on the go makes for pretty blog pictures, but it doesn’tmake for much overall progress, I’m afraid.

Jakob says that he’s most certainly not a work in progress. He’s finished, and perfect for it.


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