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The past few days have been kind of crappy, health-wise. My body’s going through another one of those phases where it doesn’t seem to want to keep solid food down much, or even let me be hungry. I got some of those meal replacement drinks last night so that at least when I can’t handle solid food, I can at least get some nutrients in me.

Looking at the label, though, and considering that my regular diet isn’t exactly the best, taking one of those replacement drinks each day might get me more of certain nutrients than I’d normally get. So really, no wrong can come of me taking these no matter what condition my body’s in.

The Kertzer socks are slowly coming along.

As you can see, I turned the heel recently.

I had a little trouble with the heel, actually, since when I knit the next round after doing the short rows, there were loose stitches. I fixed the ones right at the bits between needles, but the rest… I think I might be able to fix then after I’ve bound off, actually, with a bit of scrap yarn or two, so I don’t foresee much of a problem there. Maybe it’ll even out after blocking, too, so I won’t even have to go through with my backup plan.

I’ve also been knitting more at the feather and fan wrap. I think that two more full repeats of the colour pattern and it ought to be ready for blocking and then ready to be called an FO at last! Huzzah!

Jakob’s much more interested in the world out the window than he is in my knitting, of course. My kitties are not knitting helpers the way Lucy is for Wendy, but they do help in many other ways. Posing for pretty pictures like this, for instance. It really shows off Jakob’s colouring in this light!


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