FO: Worsted Socks for my Mother

August 2, 2008 at 3:53 am | Posted in FOs, socks | 4 Comments

These were knit on US 6 dpns, on dishcloth cotton chosen by my mother, made with this pattern. At first I was a little leery about knitting socks from dishcloth cotton, since the stuff doesn’t do much for my hands and I hate how unyielding cotton is, but they knit up quickly enough when I put my mind to them, and they were for a gift, after all. She who buys the yarn calls the shots!

The second sock moved along much quicker than the first, of course, since I was more familiar with the pattern. I finished over half of the second sock in one shift at work, between calls, so that ought to tell you just how quickly knitting socks with worsted weight yarn can move!

Instead of the called-for kitchener stitch, I did a three-needle bind off for the toes instead. It looks a little ugly on the outside, but these socks aren’t meant to go inside shoes, and they feel comfy enough on the inside, and my mother doesn’t mind at all. The socks are too thick to be of much use inside shoes, so my mother has herself a new pair of thick comfy “bumming around the house” socks, or perhaps bed socks for when it turns really cold this winter.

I’m tempted to knit another pair with feather and fan instead of ribbed cuffs. The cotton’s too inelastic to make the ribbing actually hold the socks up, and they’re just ankle socks anyway, so a feather and fan cuff might look rather nice in this yarn. I still have over half the ball of yarn left, after all, and I could use another quick and easy project to up my project percentage on the 2klace challenge, so I think I’ll fudge the number tomorrow and cast on for a second pair to knit while I work.

Oh, and just to show off, a friend returned from spending a semester in Australia and brought me back this yarn:

Not the best picture, but alas, the best picture I could actually get of it. It’s 100% hand-dyed handspun merino wool from a little shop in New Zealand! No idea what I’ll make of it, if anything, but it’s pretty awesome just to have yarn that not only came from a different country, but a completely different continent! Nay, a different hemisphere!

Jakob says that soon there’ll be another FO, too. A lacy one. But he won’t say what it is just yet. You’ll have to wait and see.



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  1. What cute sock! I admire you for sticking to it with the cotton.

  2. Love the pastel socks. Those came out great! Also, that merino is just lovely with all the different colors. I would knit one big swatch square and hang it on the wall to admire!

  3. Those socks are so cute! They’ll be really comfy for bumming around the house, too.

    Jakob looks like you just woke him up. “Aw Mom…five more minutes!” :)

  4. Prettyful socks! And I forgot to mention in my last comment, but yes, I did miss you while you were away!

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