Taking a break.

September 2, 2008 at 8:55 pm | Posted in WIPs | 1 Comment

Not from knitting in general. Just from knitting Butterfly Fields. I’m putting that aside for a little while to knit some baby clothes for a pregnant coworker.

This is the Pink Tweed for Baby design (Ravelry link) from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders, which I was bad and bought recently. The yarn is mostly synthetic, but contains 20% wool, and if nicely soft and fluffy, good for delicate baby skin. I want to get this finished as quickly as possible, as well as perhaps knitting a hat if I have time.

She’s not due until December. The reason I want to hurry is that if all goes well, I might not be working there in a week or so. I went in for job testing for another potential employer today, and tomorrow I’ll call in my references, and then hope and pray they call me back for an interview. And then hope and pray some more that they hire me. It’s work that I’m still not too keen on (call centre life, blah), but it’s more money than I’m making now, and I figure heck, if I can’t be in a job I enjoy 100%, I may as well be paid top dollar for it all!

Nick wonders if a pay raise for me will mean fancier cats foods for him. Not that he needs anything else, the big fatty!


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  1. Oh good luck with the new job prospect!!

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