What a stash!

September 6, 2008 at 1:04 pm | Posted in stash, thrift | 4 Comments

A trip to Value Village proved exceptionally fruitful yesterday. I managed to get quite a bit of yarn, nearly all of it 100% wool!

Three skeins of Briggs & Little Heritage yarn, for starters. I seem to be finding a lot of Briggs & Little yarn at Value Village lately, usually at least a skein every time I go in to search for yarn. Maybe they have a whole stockpile out back from someone who bought a bunch and decided they didn’t like it, maybe people just keep buying it and getting rid of it later. Either way, it’s a benefit for me. Briggs & Little yarn isn’t exactly what I’d call expensive, but it is something I’d have to contemplate buying, make sure it fits into the budget. Unless, of course, I knew I needed it specifically. But just grabbing yarn for yarn’s sake, no. I’ll continue to get my stash at Value Village, thanks.

The one with the label is 100% nylon. The smaller balls don’t have labels, but they feel exactly the same, the same airy softness, so I’m going to assume they’re the same fibre. Not sure what I’ll make out of them, though, but if I ever decide, well, at least I’ll have them.

These two skeins are from Macausland Woollens, which I’ve never heard of before, to be honest. 2-ply wool, a little rough in the skein but it might knit up softer, especially after being washed. I’ll swatch at some point and find out. They may make good winter socks if the yarn isn’t too abrasive.

I also managed to find a small hand loom, which I will not photograph and show here because I’m angry at it. See, it came without instructions. I have to figure out how, from the pictures on the box, to set up the blasted thing so that it can actually be used. No such luck at the moment. I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually, but right now, I don’t want to see it, because if I see it, I’ll start fiddling with it again, and I just don’t have time for that. *chuckles*

No kitty picture today, I’m afraid. My camera’s battery is dying, and I didn’t get a chance to take one before the thing had to be charged. Next time, though, for sure!



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  1. I actually went on Saturday and there was still more 100% wool there. There was something from Macausland Woolens, and something else without a tag but I could tell by looking at it. (Well, I suppose looking can’t tell you if something’s 100% wool, but I could at least tell that it was mostly wool.) I may or may not get them today — I had no cash and didn’t want to use debit for such a small purchase.

  2. It is so much fun when you find wonderful stuff. I actually found two skeins of Briggs and Little at the Mennonite thrift store. I had never seen it out west here before so I was quite thrilled. I am thinking a One Skein Wonder from Glampyre?

  3. Wow – Congrats on the find at VV !
    Happy Knitting !
    Kim O

  4. hurray for thrift stores!! great finds.

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