Reality just shows up sometimes.

September 20, 2008 at 3:25 pm | Posted in 2klace, lace, Random babble, scarves | 5 Comments

My knitting time has been slim as of late, despite the fact that I’ve been between jobs now for a week. It seems I just can’t get my mojo going. This usually happens once or twice a year, where I start to feel a little burned out by one near-constant action, and I take a break. I usually feel a little guilty about it, too, especially now, since I’m behind on my 2klace challenge. And I’ll be even further behind by the end of the year, what with most of my knitted Christmas and Yule gifts not including a single bit of lace. I’ll have to knit lace for every project that isn’t a holiday gift just to meet that 50% goal, I think, and the pressure of that over the next three months just isn’t a happy thought.

Aren’t challenges supposed to be fun?

I am still knitting, mind. Just not as much as I probably ought to be. The baby sweater has been taken off the needles, since the coworker I was knitting it for is, well, no longer able to receive it. I ought to have finished it before I left my old job, I know, but there you have it. It was to be a surprise, and now I can’t surprise her. I’ll put the already finished pieces away, and perhaps finish it some other time and give it to someone else, someone I can actually still see to give it to.

I’ve got a Rabbit Tracks scarf on the needles right now, but it’s not quite the engaging pattern I thought it would be. I wanted something simple but quick, and so cast on for that, but I just don’t like it. Maybe it’s the yarn I’m using, maybe that pattern would be better suited to yarn lighter than worsted weight. I’m probably going to frog it and work on something else. No sense in knitting it if I’m not enjoying it, after all.

No sense in trying to knit 20 scarves for a craft fair I can no longer sell at, either, since the one I was planning on is run by the job I no longer have. And I don’t think my new job does anything like that. If they don’t, I’ll suggest it for next year, perhaps, just to drum up a little publicity and to give people who work there an outlet for their creativity.

I’m tempted to cast on another pair of cotton socks for my mother, since she really likes the ones I knit for her before. If I do a feather and fan cuff, too, there’ll be lace involved and the socks will go quickly, so that’ll be a bonus.

I tell you, I’m not doing any year-long knitting challenges next year. I’m just going to knit whatever the heck I feel like knitting, and to heck with trying to live up to a goal. The challenges are fun, and maybe I’ll do a monthly challenge or two, but not another year-long one, not even one imposed upon myself. I love lace, but sometimes I want to do a little mindless knitting without the guilt of knowing that I’m taking away from a lace FO count.

I also keep having unfounded minor panic about my no spending challenge next year. How could I possibly have enough yarn to knit through the year without buying more? What if I need yarn for a specific project and I don’t have anything that will suffice? Then I remember that I have about 13 sweaters right now in various stages of being frogged and used, have 5 more being shipped from someone I met on Ravelry, and still have other commercial yarns to use too. I’ll be fine.

Sure, some of those sweaters are going to be dyed and sold, or at least I’m going to attempt to sell the yarn. But I’ve already rationalized that to myself. I can still buy sweaters to frog for yarn provided they’re the ones that will be for sale later. No personal spending. I’m having to revise and be specific on a very general rule that I gave myself, but I think the spending challenge will go just fine. I’m not in any danger of running out of yarn, even if I go for a whole year without buying any more.

Heck, I probably have a large enough stash that I could go for two years without having to worry. The pickings may be slim at the end, but I’d still have enough, I think.

I expect my knitting mojo to come back soon after I start my new job on Monday. I’ll be working full-time again, no options of going home early like in my old job, and so the familiarity and relaxation of knitting will likely make me pick up the needles and yarn and get back to work on the various projects I have lying around. When I’m stressed, knitting really does calm me down. Cranky callers are handled with greater efficiency and politeness, I find, when my hands have something to do but my brain can still keep focusing on what they’re telling me. Mindless knitting is good for work, even if technically I’m not supposed to knit on calls.

I’m not even sure if my current job will allow me to take knitting in with me to work on between calls. If not, you can be sure my knitting mojo will go up hugely. Nothing makes me want to do something like not being able to do it. I guess I’ll just have to see, though.

Okay, I’ve babbled enough without general purpose. I’ll go now and find something constructive to do with my time.



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  1. ‘Nothing makes me want to do something like not being able to do it.’

    I know what you mean! I always want to knit the most when I have no time to do it. Give me the time, and I’ll try to be productive, but I end up not getting as much done as when I’m super busy!

  2. (Oh – FYI, this is bookwyrm from Plurk.)

  3. Personally, just about all lace patterns grab me harder in finer yarns than heavier ones, although I did use mostly fingering weight and size 9 (5.5 mm) in my book: they’re lightweight and lovely without taking anywhere near the time commitment of size 2 needles and the super-fine stuff. But then, I wrote it with an eye mostly towards making lace feel do-able to newcomers. I’ve done Bigfoot, which is Rabbit Tracks plus a doubled-size Rabbit Tracks done as a circular shawl, in Alpaca With a Twist Fino heavy-laceweight and size 7 needles, and it came out just glorious.

    Best of luck with the job situation and the knitting!

  4. About three years ago, I knit Rabbit Tracks in sportweight wool on 4mm needles, and I love the way it turned out!

    I doubt I’ll meet the 50% goal for 2kLace either… but it was sure fun trying. :)

  5. I often wonder why people add unnecessary challenges to their lives. Given that we live in a stressful world, it’s a big puzzle to me. Knitting is supposed to relieve stress, not add to it.

    Do yourself a favor and try this challenge: for one year: I will knit only the things I wish to knit and not pressure myself.

    I think you will soon get your mojo back if you try it :)

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