FO: Feather and fan headband

October 8, 2008 at 3:01 pm | Posted in FOs, lace | 4 Comments

Knit on size US 8 needles, with about half a skein of green-grey tapestry wool. Nothing special, but it was quick to knit, and is a useful item too.

Not much to say beyond that, really. I’m feeling back in the lace groove, so I suspect another scarf will be forthcoming soon enough. Can’t guarantee when, but some of those wide-bordered scarves from Victorian Lace Today are calling me. And when the call comes, you can’t just ignore it!

See, even Jakob hears the call and is going to answer it!



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  1. Very nice! I should make some things like this, quick small projects that give you the rush that comes with finishing a project.

  2. I like the headband and I love Jakob.

  3. Oops Just wanted to ask if you actually used tapestry yarn?
    Hugs Cinna

  4. Very cute! Does Jakob hearing the call mean that he’s going to start knitting, too?

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