Holy crap, I’m still alive.

March 21, 2009 at 9:04 am | Posted in Random babble | 2 Comments

I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth. I may as well have, though, considering the way I’ve been feeling these past few months.

I’ll be frank. I don’t know if what’s been going on is Seasonal Affective Disorder (also known as SAD) or whether my depression has decided to visit and plans to stay a while, but I’ve been going through a really rough patch since December. 2 pets dying, the general stress that comes with too little sunlight, spraining my ankle rather badly, dealing with a very sick roommate for a while, getting pulled into my mother’s risky little office romance and having to deal with the fallout (and the rebuilding, and the fallout again)… It hasn’t been easy for me.

I even stopped knitting for a while. It worried my roommate when she noticed that I really hadn’t been seen with needlesd and yarn in my hands for about a month.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret.

I’ve been knitting again.

I’m about halfway done an Argosy scarf, and I’m enjoying it, though in retrospect I think I should have made it wider. Oh well. Nothing that says I can’t knit another one later.

The Butterfly Fields stole got tangled and pulled out and needs some serious frogging and redoing. So, I’ll get up the guts to frog and redo soon. I do want to release that as a free pattern, after all, and I know there’s a person or two who’d like to see that happen before the next decade starts.

I’ve got some Noro yarn that I plan to make a Clapotis out of. And if the yardage estimates I’m seeing on Ravelry are accurate, I may have an extra ball with which to make something else, too.

There’s yarn stashed for a peasant cap that will be nice and cozy for next winter.

I’ve picked up a tatting shuttle and am going to try my hand at that soon.

I’m knitting again. I’m planning again. I feel more like my old self again. Not perfect yet. Still got a way to go, and as soon as I can get a new Medicare card, I plan to see my doctor about taking some stress leave to help put my life back together again, but compared to how I was in, say, January, I feel wonderful.

So I’ll start posting to this blog again, with pictures and all, probably in a day or so. Got to show people my new yarn and my half-finished Argosy, after all!



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  1. I’m sorry to hear that. But I’m glad you’re back. So are you OK then? Your ankle is healed? And hang in there.

    Sometimes I don’t feel like knitting, but once I’m back to knitting. It feels refreshed and great.

  2. Glad to hear you’re alive. And knitting again. You can talk to me any time, you know. For really.

    I’m alive, too. I’ve just been really exhausted and headachy for the past couple of months. Not actually depressed, but then I do get bummed out about not being able to accomplish as much as usual, and then I get all anxiety-ridden about not getting enough stuff done… ah, fun times.

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