About Ria

Ria is a person in her mid 20s lives on the east coast of Canada, and spends many a day wishing it weren’t so damn cold there!

Her hobbies, aside from spending too much time playing with sticks and string, are diverse, and range from playing video games to reading to role-playing, to obsessively researching whatever catches her fancy at the time. Her passions include linguistics and anthropology, though for various reasons (mostly financial) she’s not pursuing this in an academic way. Instead, she contents herself with creating pretty and useful things, and saves up money in the hope of getting her own fibre farm some day.

She has been knitting only since late 2004, and has enjoyed every minute of it. (Once she learned to properly interpret the instructions, that is.) She has a love affair with lace and cashmere, preferably both at the same time. She buys most of her yarn on the cheap, primarily getting it from thrift store grab bags and by unravelling sweaters with a good fibre content. She’s not opposed to buying brand-name yarns, but most of the time they tend to be a bit out of her price range. (That, and she love greencrafting.)

She has two male tabby cats named Nick and Jakob, who are featured on the blog quite frequently, and a rosy bourke named Albert. She has raised four pet rats who have all crossed the Rainbow Bridge now, and she misses Reiji, Naoya, Sniffles, and Silk very much.

She lives with a roommate. They both have a large number of imaginary people that live in their heads, since they role-play a ridiculous amount.

She welcomes questions and comments and random donations of yarn, and always enjoys meeting new people who share her passions.


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  1. You asked on Wendy’s blog about whether toe-up socks were better if you’re trying to avoid a seam…the answer is no. I’ve done the vast majority of my socks top-down, and when you use kitchener stitch to graft the edges together, it’s essentially creating another row of stitches, so there’s nothing but regular stockinette over your toes.

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