Another dead computer.

October 14, 2006 at 10:37 pm | Posted in pattern design | Leave a comment

The people downstairs have been hammering and drilling and doing god knows what else for weeks. Today, after three loud thumps, my computer surged and now will not turn back on. The power supply appears to be shot. *sigh* I’ll be making a complaint and demanding that they pay for a new power supply, I swear. They either jiggled something in the building’s fault electrical wiring, or they have a serious personal grudge against my computer.

Either way, this means I’m restricted to posting from work from now on. Which means no pictures. (Not that I posted too many pictures, but still. I’m miffed that I can’t even if I want to.)

I’m using what quiet time I have at work to research the lace patterns I want to use for the stole that’s forming in my mind. Inspired by the sudden burst of inspiration I had for the dragonfly lace scarf, I’m calling the stole “Dragonfly Lake”, which I shall start knitting just as soon as I get the pattern properly sorted out. In my mind, it looks pretty. Let’s just hope my needles and yarn will be able to reproduce the effect.

This will be the first big lace project I’ll be knitting, and the first big complex pattern I’ll be designing. I’m excited about this. I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch, though, since I’m a notorious procrastinator, and a starter of projects but not often a finisher.

The bitch of this is that the lace patterns I want to use in the stole don’t seem to be available online, so I’m having to chart this completely by hand, with little to nothing to guide me. I’ve got to say, that’s an experience that had bloody well better make me stronger if it doesn’t kill me!

Okay, enough babble. Back to charting, and desperately looking up lace patterns in the hopes that something will add a little more flair to the design.

(Note to self – Get off your butt and dye that cashmere tomorrow, will you? It’s not going to turn purple on its own.)


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